Monday, 24 June 2013

PDK @ Peter's House

We chatted, nibbled, giggled and stitched at Peter's house with some fellow knitters on Thursday evening, while Steven, Zanmari's friend sat agape.   It is so lovely to gather a diverse group of people, with a common thread - always lending itself to a perfect evening.  Dinner was delicious with the wild mushroom risotto and meat ball enchilada being the favourite.... not to mention the chocolate cheese cake!

Us knitters needed a beer after such an exciting evening, so we popped across the street to Power and the Glory, where there was a awkward moment when one of my needles slipped out my bag and tumbled on the floor.  Knitting needles seem like the last thing everyone expected to see! We bumped into Samuel who seemed rather comfortable to display his knitting prowess (some needles stuck in my scarf!)

Thank you to everyone involved for a lovely evening, and we hope to plan something similar again soon.  Thank you to Peter's house for hosting our little event, and do pop by there for a delicious meal, lovely ambience, and that cheesecake!

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